Estate Central


Estate Central is our partner solution targeted at the Real Estate Market. The software product is aimed at making it easy for real estate owners and managers to effectively manage their properties electronically. The local property market is very large with owners and tenants constantly interacting as the one group functions as service providers to the other.

Estate Central makes it easy for a property owner to load their property online and define the features associated with the respective property such as the number of rooms, bathrooms, garages etc. The owner can then add an existing tenant to the property or advertise the property for rental purposes on Estate Central. The advertised property will then appear on the Estate Central frontend. The product is suitable for both domestic and commercial property management.

Once advertised, all potential tenants will be able to find the property through the frontend application. The potential tenants can apply online for rental of the advertised property. The owner or property manager will then receive all the rental applications through their Estate Central owner/managers account. They can then review all the applications and select the one they approve. Upon selection of a tenant, the owner can then load the tenant into a given room and then use the application to manage the rental going forward. The selected tenant will receive their Estate Central logon details once added by an owner as a tenant. The owner/manager can perform the following functions:
  • Load and advertise properties for rental
  • Link tenants to properties
  • Distribute electronic statements
  • Distribute important communication in the form of forums
  • Receive action items from tenants
  • Load and interact with suppliers