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    Our core strengths
    Business Requirements Gathering and Analysis
    Software Development using Microsoft Technologies
    Project Management
    Graphics Design and Animation
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    Our Core Values
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    Custom Software Development
    Own Product Development
    Software Solutions Partnering
    IT Capacity Development and Consultation

Who We Are

Zartner Technology is a Software Development Company which offers a well thought out range of software products and services aimed at helping your business stretch its potential.

We have a wealth of knowledge in Software Development using Microsoft Technologies and are confident that we will help you with software solutions which suit both your business expectations and budget.

Zartner Technology was founded in April 2012 with the intention of offering Software Development Services and Products to the South African Small to Medium Enterprises. The company is 100% black owned and comprises of a team of 9 individuals.

Our core strengths include;
  • Business Requirements Gathering and Analysis,
  • Software Development using Microsoft Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Graphics Design and Animation
  • Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing

We have also invested an extensive amount of time brainstorming, conceptualizing and implementing our own products which are intended to address specific needs across the African continent. These needs range from Effective Service Delivery, Property Management and the Online Retailing of Lifestyle Products.

Company Profile

Our Services

Custom Software Development

We will work with you to produce software solutions tailored to your specific requirement.

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Own Product Development

We have a range of internal software solutions which we have developed to service specific common needs in a cost effective manner.

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Software Solutions Partnering

We will partner with you to produce software solution(s) which we will co-manage with your company.

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IT Capacity Development and Consultation

We will work with you to produce capacity within your organization.

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Our Products


ServiceIQ is our flagship own product software application which is currently under continuous development and improvement. The software product was initiated with a focus on addressing Business to Business challenges for small, medium and large organisations. We understand that all organisations have internal processes which differ while having a constant need to collaborate effectively with other organisations. ServiceIQ makes it easy for companies to perform the following functions:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Request services and track service delivery
  • Find new clients and service providers
  • Maintain a successful and cost effective help desk
  • Improve customer service
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Our Products

Estate Central is our partner solution targeted at the Real Estate Market. The software product is aimed at making it easy for real estate owners and managers to effectively manage their properties electronically. The local property market is very large with owners and tenants constantly interacting as the one group functions as service providers to the other. The tenant will receive their Estate Central logon details once added by an owner as a tenant. The owner/manager can perform the following functions:
  • Load and advertise properties for rental
  • Link tenants to properties
  • Distribute electronic statements
  • Distribute important communication in the form of forums
  • Receive action items from tenants
  • Load and interact with suppliers
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Our Products

The Rabaki Online Retail Store is our answer to the local retail industries need for an e-commerce platform for buying and selling products. We understand that most brick and mortar small to medium enterprises have limitations when coming to amassing the infrastructure needed to operate an online retail store.

We have built the store in such a way that it includes all the features needed to operate an online retail store effectively. This includes the implementation of the following features:

  • Order taking and invoicing
  • Voucher mechanism for discounting
  • Email newsletter for constant communication
  • SMS integration for instant communication and reminders
  • Video Download for information sharing
  • Admin logging for tracking and monitoring
  • Inventory management
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Our Technology

Microsoft .net framework (C# and VB.NET)

Zartner Technology uses the powerful Microsoft .net technology stack to build rich mobile, desktop and web applications that run on all devices and servers.


ASP.NET MVC is a powerful Microsoft technology design pattern that allows Zartner Technology to build powerful, pattern-based web applications that enable a clean separation of concerns and gives us a full control over mark-up for agile development.

MS SQL Server

SSRS is one of the powerful features available in the MS SQL server suite. It is a server-based software system that allows us to create, deploy and manage stunning cloud-hosted reports that can be viewed on PCs and mobile devices.


Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. It allows for faster and seamless web development that efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries.

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